A rollicking performance that delighted in slapstick whilst maintaining a coherent plot structure, it was enjoyed by students and teachers alike.

Additionally, the fact that this play was tailored to young English learners meant that the students found viewing the play an engaging diversion from normal lessons— perhaps without releasing that they were strengthening their English skills in the process!


The students’ enthusiasm was further demonstrated when the actors were swamped with spirited questions delivered in English— a heartening demonstration of the confidence and proficiency of our students.

However, whilst this play contributed towards a strengthening of the students’ fluency in English, we also hope that it inspired the budding actors among us!


We thank the members of White Horse Theatre for their engrossing (and interactive!) performances as well as for their obliging and supportive manner during the Q&A sessions and of course look forward to welcoming them back next year.


Claas Unruh 

Fachbereichsleiter Fremdsprachen und Sport  



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